Free Alpaca Market Data for trading with TradingView Platform

I plan to trade through an Alpaca account recently created, connecting with Tradingview Platform.
But, I like to make sure everything is correctly set up for trading so I go ahead and fund the account.

I tried to connect the Alpaca live/real account with Tradingview and it connects well. So, no issues there.
But I do not see any level 2 data on tradingview. When I check Alpaca for Market Data Subscription status, I see I am automatically subscribed for the “Free” Data plan.
But when I try to check even a few NYSE stocks like F, HSY stock symbols, I still do not see any Level 2 data.

Is this an issue to be resolved by Alpaca or am I missing something here.
Please clarify and advise further, so I can make the funding and start trading.