Flask app for fetching global news

In addition to python scripts for fetching information with Alpaca’s news API, this GitHub repository contains a Flask-based news search application that leverages the NewsAPI to provide real-time search functionality for news articles based on user queries. It also allows users to sort results by relevance or popularity. The app uses a free key from https://newsapi.org .

This app allows quick, global, real-time searches for news in multiple languages to complement Alpaca’s limited news service.

The repository is located here:

git clone https://github.com/JOravetz/news-search-flask-api.git


This is a simple flask app, which can be easily be modified with additional features.

If you have Alpaca keys as environment variables, as specified in the scripts, give these other scripts a try:

python fetch_alpaca_news_nosentiment.py --symbol nvda

or with FinBert sentiment analysis:

python fetch_alpaca_news_with_sentiment.py --symbol nvda


Joe O.