Anyone using the News Service?

In the dotnet sdk I tested the news api this morning for APPL for the last 15 days and it returns no news articles or throws any errors and the Alpaca status page saying everything is online and happy. Looks like this is a wrapper for Benzinga News API, so I searched there directly to confirm and indeed there are news items for APPL in that time frame. Anyone using this? Is it just unreliable?

        public async Task<IActionResult> GetNews(string Symbol)
            var dataClient = Alpaca.Markets.Environments.Live
                .GetAlpacaDataClient(new SecretKey(KEY_ID, SECRET_KEY));
            var symbols = new List<string>();
            var request = new NewsArticlesRequest(symbols);
            request.SortDirection = SortDirection.Ascending;
            request.TimeInterval = new Interval<DateTime>(DateTime.Now.AddDays(-15), DateTime.Now);
            var news = await dataClient.ListNewsArticlesAsync(request);
            return Ok(news.Items);

i had an idea to do sentiment analysis with the chat gpt api but never really thought it would be much profit compared to pure volatility, it took me years to find that sooo…
i should add that if your gonna to day trade you need to also take account for the big picture like sma, performance metrics, roi, roe, roa … i can go on but take a look at fin viz

what i do not saying its correct

take a big array of all the technical indicators
sort the array and sanitize weight and biased each

make another array for pure price movements also keep track of other stock so you can see its price movements to others. this is important… this is from my server from today 5/13/24

the ones i want to buy more of are at the top of the first array since they have a strong potential to make money

the 2nd array , the stocks that are moving more in the market (price movement) are more risky buy might have large price movements to gain from

then the buy script… well buys from a lot of math and sells from alot of math…