Excessive Recall Time with Alpaca-py versus Alpaca-Trade-API

I was trying to test out the new Alpaca-py Module but it seems that the module takes forever to run, like asking 1 day’s worth historical data has been loading for 10 mins versus the old API which can run through about 15 tickers within the same frame since 1970s (Daily). Am I doing something wrong or is it something else?

from alpaca.data.requests import StockLatestQuoteRequest, StockTradesRequest
from datetime import datetime
client = StockHistoricalDataClient("LOLOLOLOL","I believe Secrets are real")
multisymbol_request_params =  StockTradesRequest(symbol_or_symbols=["SPY"],  start = datetime(2022, 12, 29))

latest_multisymbol_quotes = client.get_stock_trades(multisymbol_request_params)


There are currently some performance issues with market data on certain large queries. This might be due to that issue. For now I suggest, using the old SDK for large data queries.

Any reasons mentioned?

Fix it, maybe?
900k rows of ticks request:

  • old SDK: 38s
  • new SDK: 2m14s (x3.5)


I assume because of the extra classes being used and requested

Arpan George Mathew