Error New Long Position via TradingView/AutoView

After having configured TradingView and Chrome Autoview to test automated strategy on my Alpaca Paper account, I get the following log entry in AutoView everytime I try to open a new position via TradingView Alert.

“Unknown market symbol: BTCUSDT” or
“Unknown market symbol: BTCUSD”

I tried also to seperate the currency pair with “/” or “-”, but without success

My (very simple) test messages were:

a=* s=BITSTAMP:BTCUSD e=alpacapaper b=long
a=* s=BTCUSD e=alpacapaper b=long

and similar, but neither worked.

As I cannot imagine that Alpaca Paper does not know bitcoin, there must be some error on my side.

When I try the same with “s=TSLA”, no such error is reported.

If anybody knows what I am doing wrong, it would be nice to have an answer.

Thanks, good vibes and profits


I am new to alpaca, but I am running into the same problem. Was there a solution to this error.