Effect of after-hours on "Today Profit/Loss" and graph

Hi all,

I’ve been experiencing some strange behavior and wanted to know what might be causing it. This seems to occur both for paper and live trading.

Sometimes I’ve noticed large (>20%) spikes in the equity graph as well as similarly large negative percent changes under Today Profit/Loss the next day. Basically my account equity is roughly unchanged in the end, but it spikes up and then back down during after-hours.

Also, these spikes will sometimes appear/disappear multiple times over the course of a few days, for the same data point.

I’m not sure what times/data points are used when calculating these numbers (I suspect it’s due to wild after-hours price fluctuations), but I wanted to get some idea of what was going on here. It’s of course possible to log this data and compute “my own” percent change individually, but the one computed by Alpaca seems inaccurate, or at least I can’t understand it.

Thank you!

Here’s an image of what happens (excuse the tint; I have one of those programs that adjusts screen brightness later at night):

seeing the same. did you get any explanation?

I never figured it out, no. I ended up calculating it myself (I know that isn’t super helpful), but I’d be interested in seeing this fixed/explained at any rate