Decisions on program design - (Adding 'extras')

I have a pretty comprehensive python trading program. I run it from the terminal in visual studio and I print certain things to the terminal and that’s how I ‘monitor’ the trading bot. I have the following questions:

  • What is the fastest way to run this program (different .py files)? Does running it from the terminal in visual studio affect how fast it runs? Is there a better method?

  • I wanted to add certain ‘sounds’ to different actions that the bot creates (when buying, on fill, etc). Would this slow down my program? I hate how quiet it is…

  • I want to eventually not watch a terminal (unless the pros are worth it) - What would be the best way to build a UI from a bunch of .py files? (just looking for a general direction here)

Do you guys have elaborate software UI setups for your trading bots, or just very basic setups to avoid performance loss? Thanks.

  • My understanding is that running from VS still runs on a normal kernel, so the only reason it should be slower is if VS is taking up too many resources, which likely isn’t a problem unless you have an unfortunate computer, or if you have a lot of other stuff also running
  • I run my code on a Jupyter notebook, and I have a separate notebook with which I monitor everything via regenerating plots (this way any extra time taken by plotting doesn’t affect my algo’s trading time)
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i have a lot going on do you want screen shots or to know something more specific…?