Complex Bracket Orders for Crypto Trading

Hi team,

Are there plans to support bracket orders for crypto trading? It becomes difficult to match orders without bracket orders.

dont waste your time in crypto i did for 2 years

Hey, Kris, Thanks for the reply. Why do you think so? Would love to hear your experience.

They heavenly miniplate the price for alot of assist i lost over $500 in doge before musk went on tv and during his mentions of it, when he was on S&N i remember the night like yesterday if you tried to sell places like robin hood prevented the button from working, i found this to be the same with the coinbase api, before alpaca offered crypto so now i stay clear. lesson learned and yes i was trading with an algorithm i made, funny part it was 1K profit before i went to sleep. i woke up to $2 as the total investment.

you should watch the movie dumb money, it covers a lot of that with the button issue

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Thanks Kris for your inputs. How has your experience with stock trading? Are you able to get the right prices for which you are placing the trades?