Can't Stop Loss on First Day of Swing Trade

When I first put money into this account I bought about 10 ETFs as an investment. I changed my mind to use this account only for trading and not investing and when I sold the ETFs on the same day, I was flagged for pattern day trading.

I only do swing trading and my account balance is below 25K but occasionally I might get stopped out on the first day of the trade. My stop loss doesn’t work and I can’t cancel the position because it’s the first day, my balance is less than 25K and I was flagged for PDT earlier.

My order is F49ecd6e-8ae8-4486-8169-Dcd1ba7670c7. Can you cancel it or reset my PDT flag?

@Miguel It looks like order number F49ecd6e-8ae8-4486-8169-Dcd1ba7670c7 executed already. Everything in your account looks good. You are not flagged PDT and you can trade using your 2x RegT margin. Accounts are allowed 3 day trades in a rolling 5 day window. It looks like your account has 2. There are a couple of sell stop orders, which if executed, would create day trades. However, Alpaca automatically holds those until the next day to prevent that.

If there is anything else, please send an email to That’s the best venue to handle account specific issues.