Cant Access data for crypto

 api = tradeapi.REST(api_key, api_secret, base_url)

stock = api.get_barset('BTCUSD', 'minute', limit = 5)

obviously the api_key, api_secret, base_url (paper market), have all been specified.
however all that is returned is .
"Empty DataFrame
Columns: [(BTCUSD, open), (BTCUSD, high), (BTCUSD, low), (BTCUSD, close), (BTCUSD, volume)]
Index: []
the index is empty. If I ran this with “AAPL” as the stock it would return the correct datafield, can you not access crypto market data? currently running with the free tier.


I had the same problem and then I found get_crypto_bars in the file.


from import REST, TimeFrame
api = REST()

api.get_crypto_bars(“BTCUSD”, TimeFrame.Hour, “2022-04-01”, “2022-04-14”).df


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