Calendar endpoint

Unlike most of the other API’s which deal with time/date, the calendar has no timezone information and there does not seem to be a method of finding that appropriately. My assumption is that this is an exchange timezone date+time but I really do not like the idea of making assumptions in this. It seems like that data would be much better served as a simple open/close pair with full timezone information rather than being split into “date, open, close” without the information. Also, while discussing this, the calendar could be much more useful if it included extended hours information also, i.e. ext_open and ext_close. That may have to be split between the hours Alpaca supports which could be a subset of the exchange extended hours if it is different also?

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Hi All8up,

You are correct, the calendar timezones are in Eastern Time for US markets.

I like the points you made - it would be good to have timezone information contained the response itself. For now, since this info is missing from the docs, we’ll add it in there.