Bracket order based on %

is it possible to put such bracket order based on some percentages, as

I want to submit a bracket order before market starts
1-buy stock-X at the market rate(open rate)
2-stoploss= a negative percentage of 1 [open rate at which entry is executed, -1%, -2%…]
3-profit/limit= a positive percentage of 1 [open rate at which entry is executed, +1%, +2%…]
4. if, the market does not hit either stop-loss or profit rate (upper and lower of bracket) , then close the position (sell the stock) at market closing time.

any help appreciated.

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There is no direct support to specify the percentage for take-profit/stop-loss. You can calculate it in your script if you are making API request.

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I am also looking for the same feature. Seems to me that adding % limits to profit and stoploss should be straightforward. As it is, I am forced to get latest price, create price targets, and create bracket order order. Assumes latest price is correct and order price == latest price. Not good.

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