Application in c# (.net). Free account. Unable to receive data via websocket

Good afternoon everyone.

I wrote an integration application for his service, which should monitor real data through websocket.
But the system turned out to be empty. During debugging, I found out that the data does not come. Tell me this is normal on a free account? I don’t want to spend money and find out that it’s not about the account

The crypto real-time data is available on both free and paid accounts 24/7 but the real frequency of data updates depends on the trading activity of course. The stock market data is available on a free subscription only during normal trading hours and for a paid subscription for extended hours too.

Do I understand correctly what “during the main trading session” means?
Trading time on the NYSE exchange?

copied the code from the link below:

The data on it doesn’t go either.

  1. Yes, you are right, trading hours mean NYSE exchange trading hours.
  2. The sample code for crypto is a little bit outdated. You have to use the new notations for crypto pairs - “BTC/USD” instead of “BTCUSD” for instance.

Oh, now it works.
Thanks will look at the stock when opens