API V2 - 1Day bars being doubled

Like many of us, I am now trying to adapt my code to work with the V2 API. I am just getting my feet wet with algorithmic trading, so I definitely couldn’t justifying staying with Polygon and spending $200 a month. As it sits, I had just finished my proof-of-concept rough code around the time the notice came out. So, I still have a ways to go.

Now that historical bars are starting to show up, I am noticing an issue. I know the documents say they are still in process, so maybe they will catch this error. Unless I’m the error. But, it seems that 1day bars are being duplicated.

With the below example, I am pulling the two requested dates twice. So I am seeing 4 values returned instead of two.

Can anyone see if I’m doing anything wrong? The same issues occurs with or without the time added to values.


And, as I type this, I decided to check a different symbol and it seems fine.


So, I am now thinking this is indeed a bug. Does Alpaca roam these boards for bug reports?