Api.get_barset missing data

Hi I am trying to pull 1 min data for last one month and the code is returning only 100 rows of data. Why is there a gap? Am i doing something wrong?

Code I am using is :
history = api.get_barset(“VTVT”, timeframe=“1Min”, start = ‘2019-11-18’).df

Checked with other data source and there are data populated. Looks like a lot of data are missing.

I’m having the same problem: lots of data is missing on the 1Min scale. After requesting 120_000 bars on 1Min dataset (with proper temporal spacing between batches of requests) of AT&T (ticker: T), my final file is 103_829 entries long, which means I’m getting around 86% of the data I need. Looking through the data personally, I suspect errors in my request strategy may be hiding a number far lower, maybe around 60%. This isn’t really acceptable – why is this a feature in the API if it’s so drastically incomplete?
@bhupendra_subedi, what data source did you use?