Alpaca Trade API Error

Hi, I am trying to use trading view to send a webhook to a heroku app using the alpaca trade api. However, I am getting the error “ limit price increment must be > 0.1”, however in the alert that gets sent it is signaling to buy 5 shares. Any idea why this might be?

Hi @mitchell1551

which API endpoint you are referring to, could you also give us the payload please and would be great to check our document about limit order here, if you want to find a more personalized solution I suggest sending the email to

That error sounds like your code in your Heroku app is setting a weird price when sending a limit order to Alpaca. Try printing that out. You might have to do round(price, 1) to round it to nearest 10 cents like it suggests.

Depends on how your code is set up, but this might have nothing to do with TradingView’s webhooks whatsoever.