Alpaca "Options for Trading API Launching Soon" is missing INTU stock data

The Alpaca “Challenge Question” for the new Options API is missing some data. I was wondering if Alpaca would be kind enough to fill in the missing data (and perhaps grant me an honorary win for finding this issue)

If you decode the encoded text, you’ll find a list of stock prices, strike prices and volatility. Everything looks good until you realize that they did not provide the stock price/strike price for ticker INTU while providing the volatility for the INTU stock.

Is this a feature or a bug? Should INTU be included in the calculations at all given this issue?

PS: I haven’t included the decoded text, nor any other code samples, as I don’t want to ruin the challenge while it’s still running, nor get kicked/disqualified.

I would say that is on purpose, and (was) part of the challenge (sanitizing the input).