ALPACA Market streaming - faulty

Alpaca market streaming gives wrong ask quotes on TQQQ / SQQQ and some other ETFs

We are escalating the issue to the upstream.

I want to say thanks - for several days everything works well

No - The problem is back
This time I noticed it with the following symbols
and actually all the symbols related to S&P (I checked out of curiosity)

Also experiencing this problem.
When submitting paper sell orders, the bid on TQQQ is stuck

I’ve been having issues as well with quote accuracy ! A couple of issues really. For one, the epoch time is always off compared to local time by 20-minutes or so (i’m in eastern time zone so there shouldnt be a difference). Not sure if quotes are truly delayed that much, but if they are, that would be bad! The second issue comes to light when I put in my market orders that are based on streaming quotes. I’ve seen up to a 3% difference between the most recent quote ask price and what my buy market order sell for. I know some difference should be expected, but 3% is just too much. Something is surely wrong with quote streaming!

Has anybody seen this problem lately, or is it potentially fixed?

I have no idea.
Because of this problem I have not logged in for weeks