Account partitioning

Is it possible to partition the live or paper accounts into multiple for different projects?

There currently isn’t a way to ‘partition’ either a live or paper account into separate ‘sub-accounts’. This is on the list of feature enhancements though. Is there a specific use case you have in mind?


I would like this option. I keep hitting my day trading pattern but I have money in other accounts, but I don’t want to move them over unless I can separate them.

I second this request. For a use case, how about trying 2 or more different strategies at the same time? I know that I could try another strategy through my paper account but it’s not 100% equivalent to the live one, as you well know. For another use case, how about a married couple who don’t want to create 2 separate accounts but would like each to take their own shot at trading?

My usecase would be to be able to have a separate account partition for each strategy running – simplify tracking how much capital is assigned to each strategy, etc.

In general, the use case is to be able to easier separate different strategies. In particular, it would make it a lot easier to track performance of different strategies.
Special cases are if strategies are interfering by trading the same asset to the extent that one is short and the other long in the same asset or that one asset is both part and of a long and a short term strategy and then short term selling could affect the long term tax.