Account is restricted to liquidation only?

I have a live account funded with over $25k and should meet the PDT requirements. Why am I unable to place any orders? Buying power is currently zero.

Here is a snapshot of what the account endpoint returns:

status: ‘ACTIVE’,
currency: ‘USD’,
buying_power: ‘0’,
regt_buying_power: ‘51801.44’,
daytrading_buying_power: ‘103602.88’,
non_marginable_buying_power: ‘0’,
cash: ‘25900.72’,
pending_transfer_in: ‘0’,
portfolio_value: ‘25900.72’,
pattern_day_trader: true,
trading_blocked: false,
transfers_blocked: false,
account_blocked: false,
created_at: ‘2021-04-22T18:31:35.700128Z’,
trade_suspended_by_user: false,
multiplier: ‘4’,
shorting_enabled: true,
equity: ‘25900.72’,
last_equity: ‘25900.72’,
long_market_value: ‘0’,
short_market_value: ‘0’,
initial_margin: ‘0’,
maintenance_margin: ‘0’,
last_maintenance_margin: ‘0’,
sma: ‘24900.72’,
daytrade_count: 0

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For anyone who lands on this issue - it took several business days after adding money to my account for the issue to eventually resolve itself. There must be some internal delay even though the account shows that I met the $25k threshold for PDT.