1099-DIV missing

1099-B has been posted, but I can’t locate form 1099-DIV.
Is anyone having the same issue?

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I noticed the same thing. I did not receive my 1099-DIV either. I know I qualify for it.

I didn’t get 1099-DIV too


Any Idea where the 1099-DIV forms are?

I ended up contacting support. They were able to get by 1099-div to show up.

I had to ask for my 1099 by email and phone call to Alpaca support. A few hours later, I found my 1099 in the document section. There are two forms, a 1099 PDF file and a 1099 CSV file. It is hard to find because the 1099 forms are listed with all trade confirmations. You will have to scroll through the trade confirmations to find the 1099. I wish Alpaca would make 1099 files that are easier to find.

C’mon Alpaca, 1099 is critical to customer service. Please make 1099 easier for users to access!