What domain to use for api?


N00b questions.
When I click to get my api key, I can basically see two domains:
paper-api.alpaca.markets and api.alpaca.markets
However, none of them worked for me and than I found out in one doc that I can use data.alpaca.markets

Now I’m confused which one I should use or what am I missing? Is there a bug in the UI where you get your api key?


What are you trying to do? The data subdomain will allow you to retrieve authentic data for stocks and crypto. The paper-api and api subdomains will allow for trading (e.g. posting a buy/sell order). Use the paper-api for development as that is a sandbox of sorts. The api subdomain is the production site that will use real money.

Perfect! That was what I was missing, when to use the data domain vs trading. Thanks!