Websocket stopped receiving data all of a sudden

No code changes. Websocket has been running for months fine. Last Thursday (yesterday) all of a sudden data stopped arriving. It is connecting, it is authenticating, no error messages - and no data. Upgraded to a paid account just to see if it’d make a difference (it didn’t), changed the API keys, but this morning, same behavior. Anyone have an idea how/where to proceed from here?

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Did you change the source from ‘iex’ to ‘sip’ after upgrading to a paid account?

Yes i did. I think it is some sort of SSL issue though. I wrapped _connect call in stream.py with a try/catch and sure enough this exception is thrown:

Exception from websocket connection: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: certificate has expired (_ssl.c:1129)

Not sure what certificate it is referring to. I do not recalling installing any certificates to use the Alpaca API.

Did you resolve your issue? I had a similar one happen to me and just managed to figure it out. Read my last post if you need help still, it might work.

Yes. It was related to this:

I deleted all expired DST Root CA X3 certificates and we’re good to go.

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