WealthLab Developer Integration

Hello. Looking for some information on if an integration is planned with WealthLab Developer.

A large number of WealthLab based algo traders are now looking for alternatives since Fidelity is turning off their integration with WealthLab. Alpaca can be a great alternative for all on Wealthlab who are looking to migrate from Fidelity to other brokers.

is a platform owned by Fidelity…

WealthLabPro is integrated into Fidelity. WealthLabDeveloper is broker agnostic.

That’s stale information.

Fidelity will soon be removing all links related to WLP from their website. Fidelity is decommissioning WLP and asking to migrate to WLD instead which doesn’t integrate into Fidelity anymore. WLD has an unofficial Interactive Brokers integration but Alpaca would make a great addition.

I know this is an old topic, but we are going to release WealthLab 7 tomorrow and it has an Alpaca extension that includes trading, historical, and streaming data!

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hey bud where’s the info on what you made like how to set it up and what not that should be right on the front page ?

found the docs deep in the app


not even an hr in and a bug

starting amount $1000
running a back test on the first sample strategy gives no profit cash output but it shows %

Hey @kris, thanks for taking a look! I’m not seeing a bug here, it appears to me that the strategy didn’t generate any trades with the DataSet/settings you selected. Both the dollar and percentage profit that you outlined are zero. What strategy was it and what DataSet did you backtest with?

lots of data is missing in the back test

the first linear one in the list

do you backtest 1 min bars?

Sure, you can backtest one-minute data. You’d need to enable Alpaca (or some other intraday data provider) in the Data Manager, and then select that scale in the backtest settings. Here’s a chart of one of the WL7 strategies backtesting TSLA 1-minute.

And these are the settings I used.

how much data is accounted for with 1 min bars do you have 30 days of data?

We don’t offer intraday data ourselves. Our tool connects to different providers (like Alpaca, IQFeed, IB, TD, etc.) that deliver the data. So it depends on the data provider.

im not talking about live intraday, i copy 1 min bars for each day to get the total aggregated market resolution then i take each min and save the IX day / month the end result is gb’s of data id like to know if you account for the whole month or more then one month in a independent back test

thank you

and btw just because you have not reproduce the bug doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist… its very obvious there’s something going on there

I didn’t see anything in your screen shot that was a bug, could you explain exactly what bug is there that I should look at? For the intraday, you control how much data you want to backtest using the Data Range selection. You can select a specific date range, number of bars, etc…

running on no sleep ill get back to you if it persist, it only did it on the first load up