ValueError: unknown channel A.TSLA (you may need to specify the right data_stream)

Program was running Friday. This morning I am getting above error.
I changed keys but this did not help. Also changed symbol and ran old copy of code that was working. No luck on either.

Here id the offending code:
def start_trading(self):

    conn = tradeapi.StreamConn(self.key_id, self.secret_key, self.base_url)

    @conn.on(r'A$', [self.symbol])                                                    



Any Ideas???

Did you figure out the issue?

There was a change in SDK that now defaults to alpaca data stream unless you specify data_stream parameter to the initializer, and alpaca data stream does not support A channel. That is what the error message means but apparently it is still not clear.

We are also updating the example code we posted in the past to avoid this confusion.