V2 API Bars request adjustment not working

If you specify “raw”, “split”, “all” for historical bar data, using Alpaca V2 API, you get the same result. Does not take into account stock splits.

Here’s an example of historical bar data for NVDA, which is incorrect. The adjustment parameter was coded as “split” and using SIP feed.

Here is NVDA historical data from yahoo, as a comparison.

When will the API be fixed? I’ve noticed the same issue for TQQQ.

Joe O.


Getting the same result from my end as well, hoping we can get this fixed soon. Daily bars for AAPL and TSLA seem unaffected by this.

@Joe_O1 Thank you for highlighting this data issue. The database didn’t reflect the NVDA 4:1 split on 2021-07-21. It’s been fixed now. Alpaca is in the process of consolidating the market data corporate actions used for adjusting data (eg stock splits and dividends), and the corporate actions tables used for the API endpoints. Previously, market data adjustments were separate and needed to be manually updated. In the transition, several corporate actions (like NVDA here) got dropped.

Again, thanks for noting this.