Unable to short sell crypto on TradingView

I’m trying to use Alpaca in Trading View. When I place a Sell order for .0003 BTC or about $18, it shows that I can’t:

My account has almost $50.

Basically I was trying to “short” BTC. Is that possible? Maybe its just not possible. Can I go long only? (I’m new, still not sure if the quick Buy/Sell buttons do the same with each broker in TradingView, but I assume they would).

Oh, the docs here say:

In order to trade on margin or sell short, you must have $2,000 or more account equity. … This is only for Equities Trading. Margin Trading for Crypto is not applicable.

So, it looks like it requires more funds and only for stocks.

Will short selling become available for crypto later?

@trusktr Short selling crypto on Alpaca, is on the roadmap, but not in the short term. The current focus is to support more complex order types.

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Ah ok, thanks for the info!