Unable to get Market Data

I am a new subscriber to alpaca, started exploring the Alpaca API. I have started with Paper endpoint. could get the basic account details. but i am unsuccessful with fetching the market data. the documentation around obtaining market data is very confusing

in the API documentation it is mentioned as

To access real-time data use the URL below, substituting iex or sip to {source} depending on your subscription.


However in the Postman workspace its mentioned as


I have tried replacing Host with paper endpoint and symbol with “APPL” I have setup the keys but I keep getting the 404 Not found error

Any help is much appriciated


Have you tried to authenticate your session before attempting to retrieve trades?

Yes I did, it works perfectly with https://paper-api.alpaca.markets/v2/account in postman
it only doesn’t work for https://{{HOST}}/v2/stocks/:symbol/trades

I am trying this in Postman.

Did you set the {{HOST}} variable in Postman?

https://{{HOST}}/v2/stocks/:symbol/trades ← this doesn’t look like the correct endpoint. I’m not sure you can filter trades/orders placed by symbol like that via URI. you have to finesse it with data from different endpoints.