Trailing Stop Orders / Position PNL vars?

Do you guys have any idea when this will be added to functionality – (It mentions ‘soon’ in documentation). I was also considering adding my own, but can’t find any variables about PNL in the list_positions() or anything like that? I do see a unrealized_pl, but don’t understand these endpoint things – how can I pull unrealized_pl from Python --> is it just:
portfolio = api.list_positions()
for pos in portfolio:
pct_pnl = pos.unrealized_plpc
usd_pnl = pos.unrealized_pl


Yes those fields are the P/L. Let us know what doesn’t make sense and we can maybe improve our documentation.

It was straightforward when I found the account / position objects — one thing that is very confusing for me personally is the dict() items in the stop loss or profit target arguments in orders ? Like — no idea what that’s referencing or if it’s just some strange rule.