Trades history explain

I have a question about /v2/stocks/{symbol}/trades

I want to know what is Trade conditions?
And what Trade conditions can be?
I want to know what is Tape ?

Hey @cherstvyd

Conditions are part of the payload out of that endpoint (see: Historical data - Documentation | Alpaca)

There’s a list defining a lot of the codes for Trade Conditions used here that might be of use to you: Alpaca Data API v2 - Documentation | Alpaca

Tape defines which Tape the trade is involved in. Tapes are broken down a bit here, and you can see an example of them in a real-life context here: Full Market Share Summary

Thanks Mallory,
looks like the tape is an interesting piece of history and maybe useful for some QA purposes, but can you think of any way to use it for a trading algorithm ? I currently can’t and don’t store it.