Trade in the past in Demo mode?

Hi everyone !

I would like to know if it was possible to execute a TraderBot in the past (replay the crisis of corona for instance) ?
My aim is to replay several specific situations in order to train my bot and see if my script will work at each economic signal.

If Alpaca can’t do that, do you know if something else can do it ?


I think you’re looking for a backtester. I built one for my solution using Polygon granular data.

Which makes me curious: are there any ‘good’ backtester websites? I’m asking because I built a tick-by-tick backtester for my solution and was thinking about throwing it up on a website for others to use (if there aren’t any free tools available).

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Yes, that’s what i meant : a « backtester » !
Can I take a look on what you built (using polygon granula data) ?

I can’t believe that there is no backtester for programmer-trader ! It’s essential to be able to train our algorithms.

Check out Quantopian. It’s python and has free backtesting and a lot of data. Blueshift is another backtest tool (among other things) and it’s actually integrated into Alpaca.

Quantopian is definitely a top contender in the backtesting field (ok I’m biased. I work for Quantopian). Blueshift uses the same ‘zipline’ backtest engine developed by Quantopian but there isn’t as much available data.

Give them both a try.

Thanks a lot bro ! :slight_smile: