This event loop is already running

This situation is disgusting.

Once again you people have made changes to the API and my program that was running fine bombs.

This time with the message “This event loop is already running”

This problem applies to my program as well as to your example alpaca-trade-api-python/examples/ /

If you will fix your example program so that it runs on your API, I can figure out how to solve my problem.
You need to provide a separate working example for each use case, USE_POLYGON = False and USE_POLYGON = True

Also please include the api call. You have given me two api calls which are:!pip install alpaca-trade-api and !pip install alpaca-trade-api==“0.46”
Your example does not contain an api call.

I suppose this is all very simple to you, but to a dumb ass client like me it is extremely frustrating.


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Hi Thomas,
let’s solve your issue
first, I’ve answered your other post so if it’s a redundancy let’s focus on that post.
if not,

  1. you have installed a very old version of the sdk (0.46).
    we are already using 0.49.0
    so update it (could easily be done like this pip install -U alpaca-trade-api
  2. how exactly are you tring to execute the sample code? are you using a jupyter notebook? give me some more details so I could have a better idea