Subscribing for SIP real time data for business account


I would like to have access to you SIP real time data from my business account.

According to the webpage: Alpaca | Algo Trading Commission Free with REST API
Professional accounts cannot simply upgrade to the unlimited plan, they need to contact support.

For the past two weeks I have tried contacting numerous times however I got no response.



Can you please give me your support ticket number so I can take a look?

We haven’t received a ticket number for this request.

Hi @Applied the ticket no can be found in your email. Alternatively, kindly send another email to , we will look into it.

We have contacted you again from a different email address and this time we have received a ticket number (We are not sure why the previous address did not work).

The ticket number: 57087

Hi As stated before I am interested in buying your unlimited market data for our business account. However the email you sent us contained information how to buy this service for non-professional accounts.

Please advise us on how to obtain the unlimited market data subscription for a business account.

Thank you for the screenshot, I am checking with the Sales team, will update you via the ticket.