Split does not apply to open position

I had long position for PCAR and on 2023-02-08 it executes 3 to 2 split. What I saw Alpaca appears to show up to date quotes and this triggers trailing stop order. This is first problem as Alpaca was showing 30% price reduction. The quote was correct but it tells that the price went down 30%+.
Second problem I found was with trailing sell. I have % trailing sell order attached to every long position and I found the sell order was executed with new price but number of shares was as before the split. So my position was 30%+ loss.
I waited couple of days to see if it gets corrected and I do not see anything.
This kind makes my algo to go off.

How Alpaca process splits for open positions if at all?

@mxd Alpaca applies all corporate actions (eg splits, dividends, etc) to live accounts, however corporate actions aren’t applied to paper accounts. Is this a paper account that you are referring to?

Thank you, Dan, for the response
Yes, this is paper account
Do both parts of split processing look different in live account? I mean there are 2 problems with split. One is market data shows price reduction which trigger trailing sell and second is the position holding does not get updated