Ruby or Crystal API wrappers?

Are there any Ruby or Crystal Language API wrappers for Alpaca?

If not, anyone interested in such?

I have built a few Ruby API wrappers to-date for cryptocurrency exchanges and just finished my first Crystal shard. So consider this an open call for interest in either.

Very excited about this Alpaca API as I want to expand from quant trading of cryptos to stocks.

Hey! I started writing a Ruby wrapper a few weeks ago, and am using it in a project already. It’s still very short on documentation, but I’m planning to address that shortly.

Feel free to contribute at


I’ve pulled the code and started looking at it. Looks great all-in-all. I’ll definitely plan on using this to try out Alpaca’s API and explore. I will definitely provide feedback or PR if I encounter anything.

That’s awesome! Let us know when it’s ready for broader audience, we can definitely include it in our documentation as community contribution!