'REST' object has no attribute 'get_quotes'

When I try to use the python code example from github (GitHub - alpacahq/alpaca-trade-api-python: Python client for Alpaca's trade API) for fetching quotes, I get the following error:

‘REST’ object has no attribute ‘get_quotes’

I literally copied and pasted into a Jupyter notebook. Only change I made was to add my keys.

I may have partially figured it out. I just upgraded to the premium data subscription, but I still get rate limit errors (not exceeding 1000 calls/minute). Dumb question, but do I have to do anything different to access the premium subscription?

For anyone encountering this issue in the future, I was having some sort of dependency issue with PyYAML that was preventing my alpaca package from updating. Had to uninstall PyYAML, uninstall alpaca_trade_api, reinstall PyYAML, then reinstall alpaca_trade_api in that exact order to resolve.