(Resolved) Market Data (Minute Candles) Seem to be 2 minutes off of the current trading candle

I was placing some limit orders today based off of the candle close price, and I noticed after looking closely that my limit order prices were too high, and I couldn’t figure out why.

After looking a bit closer, I just noticed that my minute candles are about 2 full minutes off of the current trading candle.

Ex. If the current candle is trading at 12:07 pm, the data I’m receiving from the API is @ 12:05 pm. Why am I not getting the candle data of 12:06 pm, as it is already closed?

As you can see below (the hours are in different time formats), but as for the minutes, you can clearly see that current minute for this specific ticker is 22 minutes, but the data I’ve recieved is for the 20 minute mark.


This was resolved, I was indexing incorrectly.

Thank You,