Quotes v2 API latest and specific point in time

I’m using the latest NPM package here:

All latest quote requests return an object with 0 values. For example:

  "symbol": "SWAV",
  "quote": {
    "t": "2021-11-11T21:00:00.000044814Z",
    "ax": "V",
    "ap": 0,
    "as": 0,
    "bx": "V",
    "bp": 0,
    "bs": 0,
    "c": [
    "z": "C"

I am also trying to get the price of a stock at a specific point in time, but setting too small of a start/end window on the Quotes endpoint returns no results, and too large a window is a waste of bandwidth on both ends, because in some cases I have to set a 12hr window to get any results, while others will return many pages of results that requires multiple requests to page through to the end. Ideally, I’d be able to pass a sort param in combination with the “limit” param to sort it by the timestamp’s descending order and just grab the most recent quote to the “end” parameter. Is there another way I should be doing this?

Thanks in advance!