Quantower connectivity

Good morning,

I have an approved live trading account, which I am connecting to with Quantower. I continuously receive requests to re-connect to Alpaca and authorize the connection. I’m also seeing invalid prices as I have IQfeed showing me the current price for SPY is 304.61, but Alpaca displaying 304.34.

Any ideas on these two issues? Quantower support told me to reach out to you regarding the connectivity issue.

I’m seeing this strange price activity on TSLA. You can see the Alpaca feed on the left, and IQFeed on the right.

I tried refreshing the charts, but this is the data that I am currently seeing. Some candles are not drawn fully, and the price is not accurate via Alpaca.

Assuming IQFeed is a full consolidated data, it’s expected there is a difference in Alpaca feed. Alpaca feed is less dense but more cost effective.

Fair enough. Do you know how I can avoid the OAuth pop up window that keeps displaying in Quantower often?

Hello - following up to see if there is a way to solve this pop up window issue with OAuth constantly trying to reauthenticate. Quantower told me this was an issue on your end.

It is required to prompt the user’s authorization when it is requested as the standard OAuth protocol. That said, if the token is valid, the app does not need to request OAuth authorization every time. Please let me know if I can help the integration.

Hi Hitoshi,

I understand - however the issue that we are having is that there are OAuth popups frequently, even with active tokens and sessions. The pop up OAuth box appears very frequently, however other connections in Quantower do not exhibit the same behavior.

As far as working with Quantower, this would be a huge bonus, and I’m sure you would onboard several customers, including myself.

Their support is on Telegram. You can also email the developers directly at info@quantower.com.

FYI - My computer has been locked for about 30 minutes. I have Quantower open, with an active Alpaca connection. As soon as I unlocked my computer, it prompted me to authenticate again via OAuth, and then my existing Alpaca charts started to show live data.

This just popped up - 1 minute after I finished writing that message.

To be clear, we do not see such issue with other OAuth integrations such as TradingView. I will contact Quantower.

Hello. The newest Quantower update broke the connection to Alpaca. I had to roll back to 1.64.1 to connect to you again. Just an FYI in case you talk to them.

When I logged into same Demo in Trading View and Quantower and tried to modify limit t order that I placed in TradingView error occured. I cab’t do anything to the account. When I tried to cancel all pending orders through Alpaca webpage I got message - pending_cancel.
I don"t know whom to contact or how to fix that. Something like that on Live account would be a disaster

TSLA 25 0 buy limit day $440.27 - - pending_cancel 2020-09-16T22:12:46.28401Z
TSLA 25 0 buy limit day $441.31 - - pending_cancel 2020-09-16T20:01:32.84901Z

I noticed different Data in Tradingview and Quantower. There is more data in Tradingview, essp. extended hours. Noticable for Tesla M1