(Python) How to convert 19 digit timestamp from Alpaca Data API?

Hi Alpaca Forum,

How can I convert the 19 digit timestamp from the Alpaca Data API, e.g. 1589575335935000064?

Thank you for your support!

If you are talking about python, and have pandas installed, then the answer is pd.Timestmap(val)

Hi Hitoshi,

Thank you so much for your help. This gets me one step closer to start using Alpaca for algorithmic trading.

I have two additional questions:

  • List item Are there are any plans of making it possible to use websockets in Europe (Sweden to be exact)

  • List item We have special investments accounts in Sweden that means we pay no capital tax. However, if I have my money with Alpaca, I would have to pay capital tax in Sweden. Any plans of making Alpaca available in other countries?