Putting SL&TP rates, does it really work?

For some long time, I have studied tickers, all technical data, movements, historical data, minute data,
to figure out SL&TP percentage rates for each ticker for daytrading
for this, I run hundreds of backtests, and then I have pretty much come with some %rates for each ticker.

Now, as an example, these are the transactions on my real account today.(5/27)
But the below issue is not much different than any other day.

As you can see, I set -1% SL(stop-loss) for all positions.
But almost all positions are closed at higher loss rates, up to -7%.

At this point, I do not care whether this is due to Alpaca, or market data flow, or whatever the reason.

my question is “does it really make any sense to study or to figure out SL rates for each ticker,
to put SL to limit your losses? taking into account in practice it is not much possible to apply them?

On the other hand, on the take-profit(TP) sides, I cannot see any such deviation to my advantage,
meaning, lets say, I put TP = +2%, but position is closed at +3%.

all discouraging!