Programming Language Suggestions

So, this is a very subjective question but…I am having a heck of a time trying to track down information on the right way to do things.

At the moment I have essentially just been building a database of information (not started playing with actually trading via the system). I am writing the code in C# at the moment and so far, I have been successful in pulling historic bars and subscribing to realtime bars.

Now I am working on news. I have been able to subscribe to real time news (although its…prone to just stopping) via the C# alpaca nuget package. However, I am trying to get historic news now and I’m running into a wall.

Generally speaking, it seems like the C# packages are not as well documented as the python API. Before I get any further in this project, I am curious what other experiences have been. Is it better to stick with C# or migrate to python (not my favorite language but I have been meaning to learn).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Another thought is it seems like there are a lot of out-of-date examples information scattered around in different locations from the Github to the website and several other locations. Where does everyone usually start when they are trying to find something.