PDT for over $25K accounts


Interactive Brokers applies PDT rules only for accounts under $25K.

Is it the case with Alpaca too, so if I have a larger account I can open and close the positions the same day without limitations?


@DeBechamel If one has over $25,000 in their account then the account can day trade and open and close the same symbol as often as one wishes.

Do note that once an account places more than 3 day trades in a 5 day window then the account is flagged “Pattern Day Trader”. This isn’t a bad thing. One benefit is then the account receives 4x intraday margin. A potential downside however is that designation is permanent. So if the account then ever drops below $25,000 the account will not be able to trade. If there is a chance the account will ever drop below $25,000 you may not want to day trade?