Orders fill but the position is the wrong quantity

I have four orders that say they bought symbol RDW.WS but my position says I only have 22 of them when I should have 46.

The ids/client_order_ids are
3e97cfac-4073-429c-a072-e7562322f09f, 5318c535-bbee-4c2f-9011-9c26d0033a13
a2a615cc-09b1-41c6-91e7-4d1bd145b11a, 76540a8e-e163-4731-983d-39d86a86a899
16c05219-83ac-4e97-b529-bdf1c08629cb, 885a2b5c-9514-4ff1-b00c-bf35c9470451
2d544f31-c829-4cff-9f8b-aff3d7d7cecd, 77bb3f5b-f553-48e7-bc8d-4e592d0f12bc

The history lists sell orders that were canceled or rejected but not filled.

I am confused what is going on. Any insights?


@Sterling Apologies. There was an internal systems issue with the symbol RDW.WS where it thought the symbol was RW.WS which caused the orders to not update positions properly. This has been resolved but may only take effect in accounts at the end of the day. If this issue isn’t fixed in your account tomorrow please post back. Again, apologies.

They showed up. I have 86 now (the 46 I said above should have been 86)

Thank you