One Minute Real-time Intraday bars -positive data quality on one minute bars, and restrictions on number of subscribed symbols

Hi Alpaca Support,

I like to comment Alpaca on the quality of the one minute bars. I’ve done extensive verification of the one-minute bars against ThinkOrSwim, and the OHLC numbers are almost 100% correct. The errors were in acceptable limits in the first couple of minutes of trading, and 100% correct after the second minute.

However, the current number of 300 concurrent symbols does not let me perform the overall market analysis I want to perform. My interest is in 2000 of the most active symbols with sufficient average volume, and specific technical patterns. Alpaca’s documentation indicates there are no limits on the number of minute bars. Alpaca support, is there anything with my account that is preventing me from unlimited bars? Is there a hard limit?


Hi @htomxx - I can’t take a detailed look into your account without some information, but am happy to do so. Can you email so I can check into things for you?

Thanks :slight_smile: