Non-US Citizen but has a SSN

I’m a non-US citizen (based in Japan), but because I studied in the US during college I have a US social security number.
When registering for an individual account, on the “Please read and agree to the W8 form” section the W-8BEN form is auto-generated with the SSN section left blank.
Would it be a problem if I left that part blank or is there a way for me to fill that in with my SSN?

@rntatsuya If you are not living in the US and not a US tax resident then do not enter a US Social Security number. However, if you have a Japanese tax ID number then enter that data. If you do not have a tax iD for your country of residence then the only other acceptable data for that field (Tax ID) is “Not Legally Required” (entered exactly like that). You cannot leave the field blank or put in a tax ID for a country that doesn’t match your country of residence. The processing is automated and has some fairly rigid expectations. Hope that helps.

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