No client order id in v2/account/activities query response


I’m doing a grab of trades for given day via v2/account/activities/FILL. I’d really like to see my client id in the responses if a client ID was sent to make the order. Can this feature be added or am I missing something and its somewhere else where i can ask for my history of trades on a given day?

Hi @Homer

As to get activities, you can have it with this endpoint: GET /v1/accounts/activities/{activity_type}
The url is on v1, not v2

Here is a more detail on our docs:

Thank you

Hello @Radzi_Purba_LPCA,

According to the Trading API documentation at, Account Activities | Alpaca Docs , it is using V2. I believe you are referring to the Broker API, this is about the Trading API and is in the Trading API forum for that reason.

My problem is not that I get no responses. My problem is that the client order id is not in the responses. I’d like to see my client order id’s in the responses when I sent them during order creation.

would this be a feature request then?