Newbie getting Status code 404

I am just starting,
this request

gets 404, endpoint not found, response.

anybody knows what’s going on ?
(if I replace 1D with day, I get the same error)

I will try my best to help on this as I am rather new with all of it, but I did find this write-up here using V2 API. See at the bottom for: Fetching Historical Bars where there is an example URL call to the API in the screen shot.

It may be the API call is this but I believe it is not authorized because you would need to have passed your API key. If not by API via code, then you may need to use the tool they recommend called Postman. Not sure if this helps or confuses you more, but maybe gets you where you need to be or someone more experienced with all of this can offer a solution that can work for you.

All the best,

thank you.
I was able to get the bars using the Postman app,
all the best to you too.

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