Need more timeframes

V2 of the API, only seems that hour, minute, and day time frames work. The API documentation here clearly states that you can use 15 minute candle data.

! am using the query below, but when trying to use TimeFrame.15Min, I get an error. Is 15 minute data possible in V2?

api.get_bars(symbol, ‘TimeFrame.15Min’, ‘2021-01-15’, ‘2021-09-15’, adjustment=‘raw’).df

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Possibly use lower case?
“15min” vs “15Min”

“30min” works for me

Thanks Paul, I’ll give it a shot!

Hi Paul, that did not work either. I think my formatting is off somehow, I don’t think ‘15Min’ or ‘15min’ works.

Oops! My bad. I was using a completely different data provider when I said that “30min” worked for me.

The alpaca_trade_api source code ( only has these TimeFrames:
1Day, 1Hour, 1Min, 1Sec
Please excuse the spam, and accept my apologies :frowning: