Minute data vs Daily data

I’m using the Python API. For a stock symbol (CMLS) If I get the minute data for the last 30 minutes the final bar is :
Bar({'c': 3.94, 'h': 3.94, 'l': 3.94, 'o': 3.94, 't': 1586894280, 'v': 800})]
For Daily data for the last 5 days, final bar is :
Bar({'c': 3.93, 'h': 4.186, 'l': 3.8, 'o': 3.98, 't': 1586836800, 'v': 173436})]

My question is why do we see the difference in the CLOSE price? Shouldn’t both of them be the same and including the timestamp?

I think the reason is Daily data doesn’t show up unit the market closes. It seems like like I shouldn’t use daily bars to get current price.